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4.      Readings from a variety of business and professional sources (professional journals, popular magazines and newspapers, and company literature – electronic and paper) followed by discussions on the issues and values that these readings present. Familiarity with business ethics journals (both paper and on line) is an important part of business ethics education. Students are given assignments to find information and report back to the class.  

On the Job Training and Ethics 

Employers are required by law and by the company’s own ethical code to provide employees with opportunities for on-the-job training in specific job-related ethical concerns. Some of these training opportunities are considered to be a part of employee professional development. A few examples of on-the-job ethical training: 

1.      Required workshops for all employees on sexual harassment awareness training – Employees attend workshops and participate in discussions on a variety of topics that influence workplace behavior and can help employees avoid being perpetrators or victims of sexual harassment  

2.      Training programs on ethical use of the World Wide Web – In these training workshops, employees learn that the World Wide Web is a new tool that can have many uses, some ethical, some unethical. With the advent of the World Wide Web, massive quantities of information are available and can be used for ethical and unethical purposes. Employees are trained in ethical web use.  

3.      Employee discussion groups on ethical issues – Human Resources or Personnel Department organizes informal employee discussions on topics of relevance and concern to management. In these informal settings, employees learn how to address ethical issues in accordance with the company’s Code of Conduct. Morale issues and other matters are aired in these informal settings.  

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