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Global Press for the IMCB - National Academy of Management Consultants

May 2017 - IMCB GAFM maintains TUV Accreditation along with ISO 29990 Certification for training and ISO 9001 Quality Management Program Certification.

Jan 2017 - IMCB Board of Standards becomes CHEA Quality Group Charter Signatory of the Global Memo for Standards.


2016 - IMCB GAFM International Board of Standards maintains standards memberships and recognition with the TUV, ACBSP, CHEA IQ, ICE and the ANSI

April 2015 – IBS GAFM Certification Body passes TUV Austria Accreditation Approval Audit  ISO 29990:2010 Training Certification and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification – Technischer Überwachungsverein is one of the most prestigious accreditation authorities in Europe and worldwide.

April 2015 – New Hon. Global Advisor Joins – Dr. Anupam Mehta, Ph.D, AFA, AMC, CMA, MBA, MCom, CertFRS – Chairperson (Bachelors program)  & Associate  Professor – Finance and Accounting – Institute of Management Technology

March 2015 –  AFA Accredited Financial Analyst and CRA Chartered Risk Analyst  US United States Registered.  Take the courses for Frees Columbia University Professors Courses – Take the Risk Program Online

Jan 2015 – GAFM Approves the South American School of Mines and Management for distribution of certification courses and programs.

Jan 2015 - IBS GAFM Board of Standards is a recognized candidate by the: TÜV Technischer Überwachungs-Verein Österreich

Jan 2015 – GAFM recognizes Global Conference Leader Opal Conferencing which is Based in New York and offers conferences in countries around the world.  Attending an Opal conference counts for continuing education credits for GAFM

Jan 2015  - GAFM International Board of Standards maintains memberships in ANSI American National Standards Institute and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs and the Institute for Credential Excellence.

Jan 2015 Thomson Reuters collaboration with GAFM begins with huge successes.

Jan 2015 GAFM and AAPM Alliance – GAFM secures trademark ownership of the MPM and Master Project Manager and Certified International Project Manager ® . AAPM and GAFM now have greater recognition and distribution in 40 countries worldwide offering Project Management Certifications.

Dec 2014 Chairman George Mentz appointed to the Advisory Council of the Higher School of Economics in Russia regarding ecommerce and finance.

August 2014 – GAFM International Board of Standards and our EU offices are in cooperation with ISO Standards EU for certification standards.

August 2014 – GAFM signs global agreement with Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters Thomson ReutersTraining Accreditation Alliance Approved.

July 2014 – GAFM Advisory Council approves Thomson Reuters as a Global Certification Training Provider.

July 2014 – Bangkok University approved as GAFM Chapter Bangkok University – The International College - Website: www.bu.ac.th

Nov 2014 – GAFM  successfully runs new programs with the UAE Government

July 2014 – GAFM Financial Times Daily Press Recognition

GAFM Consults with Thomson Reuters Global Education

Pearson Global Education Sponsors Certification Exams for GAFM www.pearsonvue.com/aafm – Exams for AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ® and CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ® and for Chartered Weatlh Manager ®

Jan 2014 GAFM Programs recognized by the Arab Union of Securities Regulators

India Government recognizes GAFM Certification CWM Chartered Weatlh Manager ® for Investment Advisor Status

2014 New Chapters in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Latin America, India, Europe and more.

GAFM Launches the Chartered Economist ® Program GloballyFeb 2014 - New Offices in Singapore provide management consulting training and education.

Jan 2014 - IMCB National Academy of Management Consultants works with UAE governmen in providing Accredited Financial Analyst programs.

July 2013 - AMC Accredited Management Consultant ® Trademark Approved by US Government

2012 - Management Consultant new Linkedin.com Member Group over 1000 new members.

2012 - The Academy Recognizes the best degrees in the world. See List

June 2011 - The Standards Body agrees to consult with United Nations again and work with the Public Finance and Trade Programmes. See UN Civil Society

February 2011 - The Board consults with US Federal Government on Business and Management Careers and The Future for the 4th year.

May 2011 - IMCB agrees to work with the Family Office Institute for AFA Accredited Financial Analyst Program

April 2011 - IMCB/IBS forms alliance with International Federation of Financial Standards Association (“IFFSA”) China & Asia Financial Planning Association

May 2011 - IMCB forms African Alliance with -IITF International Institute for Tax and Finance.

February 2011 - IMCB consults with US Federal Government on Management Careers and The Future

August 2010 IMCB becomes official name of the IBS Management Consultants division.

July 2010 - IBS Certifying Board celebrates a decade of service in recognizes government recognized and accredited education as a certification path.

Oct 2009 - IBS Accreditation Board becomes registered Civil Society with the United Nations.

Oct 2009 - IBS Disclosed and Registered as Certification Standards Body with the US Department of Labor.

August 2009 - Board of Standards featured in Yahoo News and USA today.

July 2009 - Board of Standards enters diplomatic alliance with Arab Academy of Banking and Finance

June 2009 - Board of Standards enters articulation with India Management Academy

May 2009 - Board of Standards negotiates agreement with IIFM India

Jan 2009 - IBS approved Management credentials featured in featured in: Forbes News, The Business Wire, Reuters Global News, EuroInvestor News UK, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar News, Digital50 News, Direkt Broker Germany News, Ad Hoc News, Centre Daily News, Earth Times, Yahoo News, University of California News, ArabianBusiness.com NEWS, Express Computers Business News in India, and more.

Dec 2008 - Global Advisors Meeting in Amman and Cairo. The IBS GBM has members in over 140 countries and has programs that offer executive education and certification in various business professions in the US, EU, Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

July 2008 - Board Meetings in San Diego. GBM authorized to offer law school certification courses online.

Jan 2008 - Expansion of approved programs in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

April 2007 - Committee Meetings in New York City with representatives from Hong Kong, Dubai, USA and Africa.

Feb. 2007 - New Exams selected and approved.

Jan. 2007 - New York Alliance formalized for global certification training through the GBM Partners

Jan. 2006 - Board meetings held in Dubai, UAE to discuss expansion in GCC and Middle East.

2005 - IBS GBM secures rights to offer project management executive certification training approved by the International Project Management Commission.

Dec. 2005 - Global Board meets in Hong Kong and Singapore for discussions on international relations and to review WTO accords.

2005- IBS GBM secures rights to offer E-Business Management Executive Certification Training from The Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants Worldwide

2004 - IBS GBM secures rights to offer Executive Certification training that leads to Certification from the American Academy of Financial Management.

2003 - Expansion to Europe

2002 - Expansion to Singapore

2001 - Expansion into Hong Kong

2000 - IBS GBM purchases rights to offer Management Consulting and Human Resources Executive Certification training from The Graduate Leadership Institute.

2000 - IBS GBM forms alliance with the Graduate Leadership Institute. IBS now offers Sales Management Training and Certification.

1999 - IBS GBM Board of Standards is intituted to offer Consulting Management Certifications.

1996 - IBS, CEC, Condor Falcon Leadership Board Chartered, and members Formally Chartered and Organized.

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  • Member of ICE Institute of Credential Excellence
  • Member of ANSI American National Standards Institute
  • Member of NOCA National Organization Competency
  • Professional Member of ACBSP Accreditation Commission Business Schools
  • Recognized by the IPMC Management Commission
  • International Society for Business School Education
  • Member Civil Society United Nations DESA
  • National Organization for Competency Assurance
  • Association for National Business Education
  • International Federation Financial Standards
  • UPO United Peace Organization
  • Harvard Business Review - Advisory Council
 The IMCB is a division of the Global Board of Standards of the GAFM
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Our International Board of Standards is TUV Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and Training under ISO 9001 and ISO 29990
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Motto and Mission

"We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn."

-- Dr. Peter Drucker,  Austrian-born American management consultant, educator

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