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How Business Professionals Learn about Ethics 

Business schools teach students about ethics using a variety of tools and activities. On the job, employees are required to enroll in ethics-related workshops and training provided by the company. 

Business Education and Ethics in Universities and Colleges  

In order to build ethical principles, business school faculty offers students a variety of opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in business ethics. 

Here is a list of four common instructional tools for teaching business ethics in universities and colleges: 

1.      Case studies that require ethical judgment and knowledge about ethics in real-life company-based cases.   

2.      Assignments that require students to learn about the ethical codes of conduct in several companies. Students talk, read and write about the issues that these codes raise inside the company and in business.  

3.      Tasks outside the classroom that require students to learn more about how businesses function ethically. Students are asked to visit and tour a company, interview a manager or other employees in a company, research the company’s history and ethical performance using a variety of resources: company policy documents, company archives, newspaper reports and magazine articles on the company, or the World Wide Web  

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