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arrest of judgment - Postponing the effect of a judgment already entered.  

assault - A willful attempt to illegally inflict injury on or threaten a person.  

assumption of risk - In tort law, a defense to a personal injury suit. The essence of the defense is that the plaintiff assumed the known risk of whatever dangerous condition caused the injury.  

attorney of record - Attorney whose name appears in the permanent records or files of a case.   



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bail - In criminal cases, a sum of money posted by or on behalf of a defendant to guarantee his appearance in court after being released from jail;  

bail bond- An obligation signed by the defendant, with sureties, to secure his/her presence in court;  

bail bondsman - A person who posts bail in exchange for a fee, usually 10 percent of the total bail.  

bailiff - A court officer whose duties are to keep order in the courtroom and to have custody of the jury.  

battered child syndrome (B.C.S.) - Physical condition of a child indicating that external or internal injuries result from acts committed by a parent or custodian. Also termed Parent Infant Trauma Syndrome (P.I.T.S.).  

battery - Actual physical violence, whether serious or minor, inflicted on a person. (A mere threat is called assault, whereas the completed act is called battery).  

bench trial - Trial without a jury in which the judge decides the case.  

bench warrant - An order issued by the court for the arrest of a person.  

beyond a reasonable doubt - Entirely convinced; in a criminal case the defendant's guilt must be proven to the jury to this extent. This is the highest burden of proof any party has in any proceeding  

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