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Debt instrument evidencing the holder's right to receive interest and principal installments from the named obligor. Applies to all forms of unsecured, long-term debt evidenced by a certificate of debt. 


Business financing that normally requires periodic interest payments and repayment of the principal within a specified time. 


The provision of long term loans to small business concerns in exchange for debt securities or a note. 


A document under seal which, when delivered, transfers a present interest in property. May be held as collateral. 


The nonpayment of principal and/or interest on the due date as provided by the terms and conditions of the note. 


Loans whose principal and or interest installments are postponed for a specified period of time. 


The actual payout to borrower of loan funds, in whole or part. It may be concurrent with the closing or follow it. 


An employee authorized to pay out cash or issue checks in settlement of vouchers approved by a certifying officer. 



Change of ownership and/or control of a business from a majority (non-disadvantaged) to disadvantaged persons.  

The demonstrated ability of a business to earn a profit, over time, while following good accounting practices. When a business shows a reasonable profit on invested capital after fully maintaining the business property, appropriately compensating its owner and employees, servicing its obligations, and fully recognizing its costs, the business may be said to have demonstrated earning power. Demonstrated earning power is the foremost test of the business risk in pressing upon an application for a loan. 


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