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E. Ethical Relativism 

1. Based in classical and contemporary philosophy 

2. What is considered good? Only whatever the individual/group/culture decides is right is right 

3. What is right behavior? Acting in accord with the group’s values and principles 

4. What are the strengths of this theory? Tolerance of others, flexible thinking and practicality 

5. What are some of the weaknesses of this theory? It rules out criticism of obvious evil and all is considered relative 


F. Utilitarianism 

1. Based in British/American philosophy: Bentham and Kant 

2. What is considered good? Happiness/pleasure, diminishing misery and pain 

3. What is right behavior? Promoting the greatest good for the greatest number 

4. What are the strengths of this theory? Practical, considers consequences of actions 

5. What are some of the weaknesses of this theory? A good end may justify a bad means, it is often a vague theory, and justifies mistreatment of a minority group of people as the means to an end if they do not agree with the majority, it can be dehumanizing 




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