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suppression hearing - A hearing on a criminal defendant's motion to prohibit the prosecutor's use of evidence alleged to have been obtained in violation of the defendant's rights. This hearing is held outside of the presence of the jury, either prior to or at trial. The judge must rule as a matter of law on the motion.   



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temporary restraining order - See preliminary injunction 

termination of parental rights - A judicial proceeding freeing a child from all custody and control by parents, so the child can be adopted by others.  

testate - One who has died leaving a will or one who has made a will.  

testator - The person who makes a will. (female: testatrix)  

testimony - Information or evidence given by a witness under oath.  

tort - An injury or wrong committed, either with or without force, to the person or property of another, for which civil liability may be imposed.  

transcript - The official record of proceedings in a trial or hearing.  

trial - A judicial examination of issues between parties to an action.  

trial by declaration or informal traffic hearing - Persons who receive a traffic citation have an option to appear before a judge in an informal hearing called Trial by Declaration. At this hearing, there are no prosecutors, police or witnesses present. The person simply tells the judge his/her side of the story and the judge takes what action he/she determines is appropriate. If the defendant disagrees with the judge at the informal hearing, he/she may request and receive a formal trial.  

trial de novo - A new trial or retrial held in an appellate court in which the whole case is heard as if no trial had been heard in the lower court or administrative agency.  

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