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punitive damages - Money awarded to an injured person, over and above the measurable value of the injury, in order to punish the person who hurt him.   



- Q - 

quash - To overthrow; vacate; to annul or void a summons, indictment, bindover order or subpoena.  

quid pro quo - What for what; something for something; giving one valuable thing for another.   



- R - 

reasonable doubt - A person accused of a crime is entitled to acquittal if, in the minds of the jury or judge, his or her guilt has not been proved beyond a "reasonable doubt"; the jurors are not entirely convinced of the person's guilt.  

rebuttal evidence - Evidence given to explain, contradict, or disprove facts offered by the adverse party. In criminal cases, the state has the opportunity to rebut the defendant's case because it has the burden of proof.  

recidivism - The continued, habitual or compulsive commission of law violations after first having been convicted of prior offenses.  

recognizance - A kind of bail, consisting of a written promise to appear in court when required. Generally, when there is no good reason to suppose the accused in a criminal case will not appear when required or the accused is not a significant risk to the community, he or she will be released on his or her own recognizance.  

redirect examination - Follows cross-examination, and is conducted by the party who first examined the witness.  

referral - In Juvenile Court, a written report submitted by a law enforcement officer or other person who has reason to believe a juvenile has committed a crime that would place the child within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court.  

relevant - Evidence that helps to prove a point or issue in a case.  

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