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extradition - The surrender by one state to another of an individual accused or convicted of an offense outside its own territory, and within the territorial jurisdiction of the other.  

extraordinary writ - A writ, often issued by an appellate court, making available remedies not regularly within the powers of lower courts. They include writs of habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition and quo warranto.   


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false arrest - Any unlawful physical restraint of another's personal liberty, whether or not carried out by a peace officer.  

false pretenses - Representation of some fact or circumstance which is not true and is calculated to mislead, whereby a person obtains another's money or goods.  

fee simple absolute - The most complete, unlimited form of ownership of real property.  

felony - A felony is a major crime for which the maximum imprisonment is more than one year in a state correctional institution. The court may also impose a fine. Felonies are classified into four categories: capital, 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree.  

fiduciary - A person who has assumed a special relationship to another person or another person's property, such as a trustee, administrator, executor, lawyer, or guardian. The fiduciary must exercise the highest degree of care to maintain and preserve the person's rights and/or property which are within his/her charge.  

Fifth Amendment - Among other rights, the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees that a person cannot be compelled to present self-incriminating testimony in a criminal (or juvenile) proceeding.  

fine - A sum of money paid as part of a penalty of conviction for a particular criminal offense.  

fitness hearing - A hearing held in Juvenile Court to determine the fitness of a minor for retention in Juvenile Court, and the minor's amenability to Juvenile Court resources. Must be held before any evidence is heard on a petition for detention. Such a hearing is a prerequisite to transfer of a minor's case to adult court. Also called certification hearing.  

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