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corpus delicti - The substance or foundation of a crime; the substantial fact that a crime has been committed, e g., the corpse of a homicide victim, the charred remains of a burned house.  

corroboration - Confirmation or support of a witness' statement or other fact.  

corroborating evidence - Evidence supplementary to that already given and tending to strengthen or confirm it.  

court reporter - A court official who records testimony and arguments, and transcribes it into a permanent record of all court proceedings.  

costs - An allowance for expenses in prosecuting or defending a suit. Ordinarily this does not include attorney fees.  

counterclaim - A claim presented by a defendant in a civil proceeding in opposition to the claim of a plaintiff 

courts of record - Courts whose proceedings are permanently recorded, and which have the power to fine or imprison for contempt. In Utah, they include the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, district courts and juvenile courts. Courts not of record are those of lesser authority whose proceedings are not permanently recorded, i.e., the Justice Courts.  

criminal case - A case brought by the government against a person accused of committing a crime.  

criminal insanity - Lack of mental capacity to do or abstain from doing a particular act; inability to distinguish right from wrong.  

cross-claim - In a civil proceeding, if there are two or more defendants, one defendant can raise a claim against another defendant.  

cross-examination - The questioning of a witness by the lawyer for the opposing side. This may be done by leading questions, questions which suggest the answer.  

custody - The right to or responsibility for a child's care and control, carrying with it the duty of providing food, shelter, medical care, education and discipline.   


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