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·         The product might need some tweaking by producer of the product to respond to customer complaints.  

·         The person who handles human resource issues might be asked to develop compensation plans that reward sales people who build significant relationships that have tremendous potential, but are slow to close.  

·         Special payment plans might need to be implemented by the accounting staff to accommodate a variety of customer needs.  

As a result, marketing usually crosses more departmental boundaries out of necessity than other business functions do. Marketing requires the orchestration of everyone who plays a part in the common goal of pleasing the customer. For a small business owner who has no employees, this means that he/she needs to mentally tear down the walls between varied business functions and think holistically when it comes to marketing strategies.

In Summary  

These are the fundamentals of a true marketing mindset: 

·         Producing what the customer wants should be the focus of business operations and planning.  

·         Creating profitable sales volume, not just sales volume, is a necessary goal.  

·         Coordinating between marketing activities and all other functions within a business that affect marketing efforts is a must. [i] 

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